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Thirty year old ethnic conflict of Sri Lanka has ended. We must not let it occur again. Therefore , as elders it is our duty to guide our younger generation representing all communities how to create a country free of cast, creed, nationality and other differences, because some of our juveniles will take over the reigns of the country some day in the future. Our country inherits a history full of excellent values. We have to revitalize the present society with those rich values. In order to achieve that goal we have to begin with the smaller children stepping into the society and fill their minds with those enriched values. These are the prime objectives of our organization.


To create a Sri Lankan Society free of cast, creed, nation and party and allied differences


To revitalize our lost values, restore our culture and patriotism that enables to create a society with disciplined and amenable citizens. To gain international recognition for Sri Lanka as a country with a well disciplined society.


Work with dedication to develop the psyche of children and assist in their education. Inauguration of Lama Samaja representing all nationals, and work honestly and with dedication through such Lama Samaja to achieve our basic objectives.


Aruna Fonseka

  • Associate of bankers of Sri Lanka (IBSL Sri Lanka)
  • Postgraduate Executive Diploma In Bank Management (IBSL Sri Lanka )
  • BSC-Teaching Technology – (Skimming Maripal University)
  • Preliminary Certificate of Sri Lanka (Sri Lanka Institute of Marketing)
  • Certificate of window based Application (AAT – Sri Lanka)
  • Studied for MBA. In Marketing- Colombo University)
  • Former Lecturer for Bankers at Akrata Banking Training Institute
  • Theory and practical tests in the C Grade and B Gradeon Net ball Umpiring
  • Committee member of Trefoil Guild (Girl Guide Association)


Lanka Lama Samaja

Forming societies call Lanka Lama Samaja at each Grama Niladhari Division in all Divisional Secretariats consisting of 5-year old children who are stepping out to the society, with the aim of creating a country free from all differences in race, caste and creed. The inaugural step in this respect commenced from Dambulla Divisional Secretariat.

World Children’s Day

We select a School with needy children from rural area & provide a large number of necessasary items such as Exercise books, pencils, pens, Drawing books, Homran colour pencils, Uniform materiel with a bag and pare of Sleepers/Shoes annually to commemorate world children’s day . we also present a nearly new sarees and shirts with a parcel of rations such as sugar, Tea, Dhal to the each parent to commemorate elders day.


World Childrens Day – 2019 October 1st

Celebration of world children’ s day with two schools  of Moratuwa Koralawella (Sri Nagasena Vidyalaya & Roman Catholic School)        130 Children    Provided a large number of necessasary items such as Exercise books, pencils, pens, Drawing books, Homran colour pencils, instrument boxes, sweets parcels, Apples and pare of sleepers with a bag  to 130 children to commemorate world children’s day . 

Celebration of World childrens day & Elders Day 2018 10.01

Distributed  many necessary items to children and parents of three schools (Tamil,Sinhala&Muslim) at  Nilavali,Kuchchavali  &  Kallarawa  in Trincomalee District.


2017 Celebrating World Children’s day & elders day on Dambulla Jathika Pasela auditorium with 85 children of our Lanka Lama Samaja and their parents, On 2017 October 1 st Sunday